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Exploring the Potential of Cooperative Robotics in Robot Art: The Art of Collaboration

After a long hiatus, I have recently decided to revive my networked robotics projects. My colleague Michael Burke (an expert on robotics, computer vision, and machine learning) liked my ideas (I think), and we started collaborating on various projects that will eventually lead to creation of mobile robot networks doing interesting stuff!

In summary, our long-term aim is to harness the power of cooperative robotics to explore the intersection of art and technology, focusing specifically on collaborative robot art. As a first step towards achieving this aim, we are building a network of mobile robots to incorporate a few well-known formation control techniques as a demonstration of emergent complex behaviour through the application of simple rules (a fascinating example of this is boids algorithm).

We expect that the robot network testbed will provide a rich environment for understanding the challenges and potential solutions in cooperative robotic networks. Through this endeavor, we aim to advance the field of autonomous systems while creating captivating, innovative, and dynamic collaborative artworks.

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