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Ahmet ┼×ekercio─člu

Adjunct Faculty Member
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

After 36+ years of industrial R&D engineering and academic life, I am now semi-retired. Over these years, I have taught a wide range of courses (mainly on Computational Intelligence, Communication Networks and Computer Architectures), participated in various research projects, graduated a number of research students, supervised several projects and published quite a few research papers with my students and collaborators. I especially loved our work at the Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks Laboratory.

Currently, I am teaching the senior undergraduate level units ECE4044 Telecommunications Protocols and ECE4045 Network Performance (See this table for a summary comparison of the communication networks units I am involved with), and resumed the networked robotics projects I started a decade ago. When I am not on campus, I enjoy taking random walks through the vibrant streets of Melbourne to discover fresh street art to add to my collection. Moreover, I recently joined the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group. We have a fantastic citizen science project.

While you are here, perhaps you would like to have a look at my class notes circa 1980!

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